Teeth Whitening

Whether it’s an in-office or take-home treatment, our professional whitening systems can give you a dramatically whiter smile.


We’re proud to offer Opalescence, an in-office whitening treatment that provides professional results in less than one hour. The treatment is chemically activated, and that means no hot, uncomfortable light is needed to whiten the teeth, as necessary with other whitening systems.

This dentist-applied treatment is ideal for people who want instant whitening, or for those who have a special event coming up that requires a bright white smile.

Once the in-office treatment is complete, we send custom-made whitening trays and gel home with our patients, so they can perfect their look. The gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps maintain the health of enamel throughout the whitening process.

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Whitening Trays

Our whitening trays are an easy, convenient way to obtain a noticeably whiter smile in the convenience of your own home.

The Process

We’ll meet with you for a primary examination to take impressions of your teeth and create a plaster model. On the model, we form a thin, flexible plastic tray that is tightly adapted to your teeth. The tray works to keep the bleaching agent on your teeth and away from sensitive areas, while not allowing the agent to be diluted by saliva. Once the tray is finished, we send you home with both the tray and bleaching gel. Then, you simply place a few drops of the bleaching gel in the tray and wear it.

While nighttime is a convenient time for many people, there are people that opt to wear it during the daytime as it is clear, thin, and generally not very noticeable.The amount of time a person wears the tray, and the time of day that you wear it, can vary depending on the particular whitening gel you’re given and your individual schedule and preferences. When finished, simply keep your trays and once a year do a brief touch-up treatment to remove any stains that have accumulated.

Schedule a Consultation

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