Preventative Care: Keeping Small Issues from Becoming Costly

We know that visiting the dentist’s office is not high on everyone’s list of favorite things to do, but did you know that regular checkups and cleanings can greatly reduce the chance of small issues becoming seriously, costly repairs?

Checkups and cleanings are pain free and easy – we promise!

During a regular checkup at Miller Hill Dental we cover:

  • A review of your medical history.
  • A clinical examination of your soft tissue including your gums, throat, the floor of your mouth, palate, cheeks, lymph nodes, and chewing muscles.
  • Your dentist will check for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, which was discussed in last month’s blog found HERE. In short, TMD happens when a hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw isn’t working properly and can lead to headaches, a sore jaw, and muscle tightness. If found, your dentist can make adjustments to help fix this.
  • An assessment of your gum pocket depths. Any increase in gum pocket depths may indicate destructive elements in your gum health.
  • An assessment of your hard tissue. This includes the teeth and the bone that supports your teeth. Visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings is a huge way you can prevent tooth decay and cavities.
  • We will also take X-rays, if necessary. We do this to diagnose decay, fractured teeth, infected teeth, cysts in the bone, resorption of teeth and an array of bone and tooth anomalies and diseases.

Our goal at Miller Hill Dental is to provide quality, gentle care and we tailor each appointment with the patient’s comfort in mind. By investing in bi-annual appointments, we can address small issues before they become serious, costly repairs.

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