Myobrace is a treatment we offer that prevents and treats tooth crowding and improper jaw alignment in a growing child. It works by addressing the root cause of these problems – namely inadequate jaw growth due to forces in the mouth that are exerted by the muscles of the lips, cheeks, chin and tongue. The treatment works painlessly along with the body’s natural systems to correct improper muscle habits, allowing the jaws to grow to their full potential. When the jaws grow properly, teeth come in straight and the need for braces is eliminated.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is intended for children as young as 3 years old who display signs of tooth crowding or growth discrepancies between the upper and lower jaw. The appliances are made of a soft silicone rubber and are worn overnight and for an hour during the day. The appliance serves three functions: it enforces proper tongue placement on the roof on the mouth, encourages nasal breathing, and it trains a proper swallow. All three of these functions are essential for proper jaw growth. Many children display improper oral habits such as habitual mouth breathing during the day or night or a tongue thrust swallow pattern. These habits alter the muscle activity and cause the jaws to grow differently.

The Process

Ideally, treatment is initiated for a child as soon as a growth issue is identified. The earlier a problem is addressed, the better the result will be. We can see by looking in a child’s mouth if everything is developing properly. A young child should show spaces between all the baby teeth. If the teeth are touching or crowded, this is a sign there will not be room for the much larger permanent adult teeth. Other signs of improper oral functions can be identified at home. Parents can help by letting us know if their child breathes through their mouth instead of their nose, or if they rest their tongue between their front teeth. At night, do they snore, breathe through their mouth or have irregular breathing? All of these signs, and more, could be signs of future dental problems.

The Myobrace program includes multiple appliances kids wear over the years as they grow. Kids will also be expected to do daily exercises that help build the strength and coordination of their tongue and facial muscles. Not only will the appliance and exercises help children with their jaw and teeth development, it will improve the child’s sleep and overall development.


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