Welcome to one more way to keep you informed!

Why would a dental office start a blog?

To post a how-to tutorial on flossing? Nope. To lecture about how bad suckers and soda are for your teeth? Nope. You know that stuff already. And we know you have better things to read about in your precious free time.

Here at Miller Hill Dental, we want to keep you informed on the ever-evolving practices, technology, and products that are available to you. We want you as apprised as possible so you can make the best decisions when it comes to you and your family’s oral healthcare needs.

Once a month we will explore a new practice, product or service we have put into place, spotlight one of our awesome team members, or share with you what’s going on around the office. Along the way, we also welcome any feedback, questions or topic suggestions you may have as we develop future posts.

In March, we’ll spotlight an awesome new teeth whitening product we recently introduced at Miller Hill Dental — which greatly reduces sensitivity.

Until next month, we’ll continue delivering healthy and happy smiles on the hill!