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Miller Hill Dental
1832 Maple Grove Road
Duluth, Minnesota 55811

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Prize Drawings

At Miller Hill Dental, we like to have fun. That's why each month we hold prize drawings. Each time you visit you can enter to win that month's prize - whether it's tickets to a sporting event, a fishing gear set, yard games - you name it!


Month: January, 2017
Prize: Lake Champlain Chocolates
Winner: Audrey B.

Month: December, 2016
Prize: Candle Set
Winner: Ginnie V.

Month: November, 2016
Prize: Blanket

Month: October, 2016
Prize: Jewelry Package
Winner: Erica A.

Month: September, 2016
Prize: Gift Cards
Winner: Erik K.

Month: August, 2016
Prize: Pendulum
Winner: Liz E.

Month: July, 2016
Prize: Yeti Tumblers
Winner: Julie P.


Month: June, 2016
Prize: Yard Games Bundle
Winner: Angie and Trevor K.

Month: February, 2016
Prize: Kindle
Winner: Brad B.

Month: August, 2015
Prize: $100 NW Smokehaus GC
Winner: Genet P.




Month: July, 2015
Prize: Peaches & $50 Bridgeman’s GC
Winner: Amber S.

Month: June, 2015
Prize: Bean Bag Toss & SuperDisc
Winner: Davri H.

Month: May, 2015
Prize: Bocce Ball Set
Winner: Micah B.




Month: February, 2015
Prize: Ice Fishing Gear
Winner: Brandon S.

Month: January, 2015
Prize: Surpirse!
Winner: Christopher B.

Month: December, 2014
Prize: Bark ’n Beans
Winner: Patsy K.




Month: November, 2014
Prize: Coffee Mug Set
Winner: Sue W.

Month: October, 2014
Prize: Gift Basket
Winner: Lisa

Month: September, 2014
Winner: Dan B.




Month: August, 2014
Prize: North Face Backpack
Winner: Alex D.

Month: July, 2014
Prize: (2) Golf Lessons
Winner: Aaron Nelson

Month: February, 2014
Prize: Goodie Basket
Winner: Kathy C.




Jan 2013

Feb 2013

march 2013

Month: January, 2013
Prize: Four UMD Bulldog Hockey Tickets
Winner: Wendy R.

Month: February, 2013
Prize: Gel Floor Mat
Winner: Kate D.

Month: March, 2013
Prize: 6 Glass Beer Steins made in Poland
Winner: Becky M




Jan 2013

Feb 2013

march 2013

Month: April, 2013
Prize: Cardinall reel and Shimane rod
Winner: Justin D.

Month: May, 2013
Prize: Fishing Supplies
Winner: Matt M.

Month: June, 2013
Prize: MN Twins Tickets & T-shirt
Winner: Nancy P.