Bite Adjustments

What is a Bite Adjustment?

It’s the process of reshaping the incising and chewing surfaces of your teeth to balance your bite with the position of your jaw joints.

Your upper teeth should fit just slightly over your lower teeth and touch one another equally. Having well-aligned teeth and equal contacts is important as it allows for greater ease in cleaning and eliminates strain on your teeth, jaws and muscles, resulting in less risk of gum disease and broken teeth. It may also reduce symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ or TMD).


Signs and symptoms may include: frequent headaches, teeth sensitivity to cold, sore jaw or facial muscles, chipped or broken teeth.


Bite misalignment is one of the most missed diagnoses in dentistry. And, in our experience, men and women have different symptoms — women tend to exhibit headache and muscle problems while men are more prone to break or wear their teeth down — we’re experts in recognizing them.

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In many cases, inexpensive treatment options include:

Occusal Adjustment (Tooth Re-shaping)

Irregular or rough teeth may be easily reshaped to evenly distribute the pressure of your bite. By biting down on a piece of coated paper and moving your teeth around while biting, colored marks will be left at the points where your teeth touch. We then reshape your teeth to bring them back in balance.

Night Guards

We might also recommend a night guard to fit over your top or bottom teeth. Usually worn while you sleep, the purpose of a night guard is to reduce the wear and tear that grinding causes, helping to improve a bad bite by getting even contacts.

Restorative Treatments

If more intervention is required, such as repairing worn out or damaged dental work, or reconstructing teeth that are cracked or broken, we will help you work with your insurance and come up with a treatment plan for you.

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