5 Common Aesthetic Concerns to Discuss With Your Dentist

One of the first features someone notices about you is your smile. When you don’t love your smile, it can lead to low self-esteem, hiding away your smile, and even choosing to not participate in activities or going out.

Do any of the above feelings sound like you? If so check out these 5 reasons it may be your time for a smile makeover.

1.) You have yellow or brownish teeth that always appear dirty, even when you have just brushed.

It’s natural as a person ages for the layer underneath the enamel – called Dentin – to darken, giving teeth a yellow or brown appearance. Foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine can contribute to both surface stain and dentin discoloration. Other developmental conditions such as fluorosis can alter the appearance of your smile. If you have concerns about discoloration, ask your dentist. Treatment options from whitening to veneers could give you the appearance you desire.

2.) There are spaces between your teeth.

Spaces between teeth, also called diastema, can form anywhere in the mouth. People often become more aware and self-conscious of them when they occur between the two upper front teeth. While these spaces often add character, some choose to straighten or align teeth to fit closer together. Small spaces can often be closed simply by adding tooth colored filling material.

3.) You feel your smile is overly gummy due to having small teeth.

A “gummy smile” may occur for a variety of reasons. Most commonly they’re due to a short upper lip, excessive gum tissue, or small teeth. If you are concerned about showing gums, please let your dentist know and they will explain your options.

4.) Chipped or cracked teeth.

Bringing teeth back to a smooth, even contour, can drastically change the appearance of your smile. Filling in chips and missing edges completes a smile and gives your grin a more professional look at work.

5.) You notice issues when chewing or biting down.

Altering the alignment and shape of teeth is not always done for cosmetic purposes. Misshaped teeth can often cause difficulty or pain when biting down. Fixing these teeth relieves stress to individuals dealing with these issues.

As you can see, there are various reasons people undergo cosmetic work for their teeth. Why should you consider Miller Hill Dental for cosmetic and restorative dentistry? Check out our Smile Makeover gallery here – while the images speak for themselves, the testimonials are also full of people who have gained confidence with a new smile.